Driving Your Passion


Cloud eSchool


A cloud based software system capable of running all day to day activities of a school virtually allowing teachers and students to engage with each other.
It offers dynamic interaction between Students, Teachers and Management nurturing a creative and innovative educational atmosphere.
The system offers a one point integrated solution where every day to day activity can be integrated with each other starting from remote monitoring of school bus to connecting all school departments with each other.
The entire system is developed in consultation with leading experts in education sector and using cutting edge technology.

Cloud eCollege


Cloud eCollege is a cloud based college education system offering integrated software solutions for college education, research and management.
Designed with the help of experienced college heads and educationists exclusively to fulfill each and every need of the colleges, the system offers integrated solutions for conducting daily activities of a college.
The system comprises of multiple modules capable of automating each and every process of the institute from administrative management to managing e classes.

Digital Language Lab


Digital Language Lab is the next generation e language learning tool that will revolutionize the way students learn languages.
This tool will let you to make language learning process a fun experience without undermining the quality of education.
After continuous R & D in education field and consultation from experts, we had designed software that will serve the language learning need for all institutions.
The system supports different audio, video formats using which students can earn to write, speak, understand and pronounce languages quite easily.



This is the era of e technology that has truly redefined all aspects of our lives. eLibrary is a system that will help students and teachers to access a vast number of scientific and educational materials on the relevant topics.
The system is specifically designed to deliver the latest eBooks with audio and video support.

Coaching Center


Coaching Center Management Software is fully loaded, windows-based Software developed exclusively for all types of institutes/coaching centers.
This software helps in saving your money, time, and infrastructure cost. You can deliver a course even to remotely located students crossing over physical barriers.
It is fully integrated, unique, and robust yet user friendly software designed with all necessary modules & features, making it most versatile educational software for all types of institutes/coaching centers.