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Safeline offers enterprise management software for medical and healthcare industry. Our software systems allow hospitals, health insurance companies to access patient information without hassle providing better and accurate treatment and care to them. It is designed meet various needs right from patient billing to treatment and care with 24/7 live monitoring feature.

Administrative management


With the help of our healthcare system, hospitals can integrate the administrative needs like patient billing, relationship management and connecting with the respective insurance companies etc. this will cut down the delay in patient care allowing fat accurate and hassle free transaction.

Treatment & Medical care


The system is also designed to provide integrated patient care service where doctors, nurses and other non medical staff can monitor a patient’s treatment and care remotely. This will allow to hospitals to provide better care at relatively less expenses since the system allows cutting down unnecessary expenses and reduces dependence on manpower.

Relationship management


The system also proves a huge boost in patient relationship management enabling hospitals to provide personalized care and treatment to each patient.


E pharmacy


The system also provides a comprehensive and integrated ePharrmacy which can be used to provide timely delivery of drugs and medicines. This cloud pharmacy is the next generation solution in providing medical care.


Employee management


With the help of this system hospitals can also manage employee work hours, shifts and payroll. This way a hospital can save money, time and at the same time increase its productivity and service standard.