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Legal Sector

The legal sector too is using latest technology to ensure speed, accuracy and transparency. We have developed a range of cloud based solutions for law firms.

Cloud eLaw Firm


  • Cloud based integrated eLaw firm is a software developed to offer one point solutions for lawyers and law firms.
  • It is affordable, dynamic and totally user friendly system that helps all the firm’s employees to remain in touch with each other 24/7.
  • The lawyers or any other authority can access any case information, contacts, calendars, documents, time tracking, and billing remotely 24/7 using this system.
  • Makes it easier to organize your work flow and administration increasing productivity without inflicting huge operation and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces human error, maintenance accountability and keeps everyone in the loop. It also boasts an integrated client portal so everyone stays informed and connected every time.


Mobile App


  • The system itself comes with an integrated mobile app for all the staff of the firm but especially for lawyers.
  • They can access appointments, meeting schedules and calendar using the app. staying on the top of latest developments.
  • They can add the appointments to the device local calendar and can get notification for each appointments based on the set intervals.