Driving Your Passion


A company is only worth its employees hence they are the critical part of any Company. If employees get thriving atmosphere it will also help in growth of the company. Hence human resource management is very important aspect of industry that needs to use the latest technology to ensure that the workforce gets paid on time.

Cloud POS Solutions


Safeline Tech cloud POS is a quick, intuitive & secure Point-of-Sale system.
The POS software offers a feature-rich POS solution for any restaurant, retail, or QSR establishment, with integrated payroll, inventory tracking, customer relationship management & more!
It saves weekly hours, drives thirsty patrons through your door and creates an engaging experience for your customers.

Cloud Inventory Management


Cloud based inventory management software specifically designed to manage inventory with efficiency and ease. The customizable software can be used by shops, retails and malls for real-time and remote management of inventory providing the necessary competitive edge your business needs.
It helps to reduce operation and maintenance costs and helps to streamline each and every process.
It is a dynamic cloud based tool that enables easy integration, and customization of various attributes associated with your inventory management. You can create a one point control system making it easier to reduce costs and increase productivity.
The data is safely stored on secured server preventing chances of data theft plus it can be accessed by concerned authorities from anywhere and anytime.